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Sound is my life! For as long as I can remember living, I remember listening to music and playing musical instruments. I was the kid with a lot of vinyls, then I became the kid with a lot of cassettes, then I became the kid with the MP3 players, then I became the kid with the hype Apple music playlist and now I'm the kid thats a DJ.

 I play the keyboard, the drums, the flute, the guitar and if you give me a little bit of time and practice, I'll probably learn your instrument. I love sound and everything about it! I find it extremely interesting that the ear is the organ used for balance. It probably explains why everyone is off balance when I'm in control of the sound. 

I was born in France, mostly grew up in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. As a kid, the Nigerian music scene was still up and coming. It wasn't as global as it is today. We had the legends like Fela and Lagbaja rocking the audio, but for the most part, we listened to music from other parts of the world. I'm glad for this experience as it really broadened my music horizon. I listened to everything from Hip-hop, to Rock to Calypso to Zouk to Old-School Bon Jovi. I learned something different and unique about every type of sound.

There is an emotion attached to sound. When people hear a song, they immediately remember the first time they heard it. How they felt, who they were with. I love stringing these emotions together to create the event of your dreams. I love sound, and I can't wait to bring your sound desires to life, whatever they may be!

Cheers, DJ AJI

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